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Module formatter

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Base Wiki formatter.
format_to(env, flavor, context, wikidom, **options) source code
format_to_html(env, context, wikidom, escape_newlines=None) source code
format_to_oneliner(env, context, wikidom, shorten=None) source code
extract_link(env, context, wikidom) source code
wiki_to_html(wikitext, env, req, db=None, absurls=False, escape_newlines=False)
deprecated in favor of format_to_html (will be removed in 0.13)
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wiki_to_oneliner(wikitext, env, db=None, shorten=False, absurls=False, req=None)
deprecated in favor of format_to_oneliner (will be removed in 0.13)
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wiki_to_outline(wikitext, env, db=None, absurls=False, max_depth=None, min_depth=None, req=None)
deprecated (will be removed in 0.13 and replaced by something else)
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