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Module better_twill

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better_twill is a small wrapper around twill to set some sane defaults and monkey-patch some better versions of some of twill's methods. It also handles twill's absense.
Write the current html to a file.
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better_formvalue(form, field, value, fv=<function formvalue at 0x4365ed8>) source code
better_formfile(formname, fieldname, filename, content_type=None, fp=None) source code
better_find(what, flags='', tcfind=<function find at 0x43658c0>) source code
better_notfind(what, flags='', tcnotfind=<function notfind at 0x4365938>) source code
  b = None
  __package__ = 'trac.tests.functional'

Imports: os, abspath, dirname, join, sys, pv, StringIO, twill, ConnectError, etree, tc

Function Details


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Write the current html to a file. Name the file based on the current testcase.